Psychological support for child

Psychological support for child

For this purpose it is necessary to:

  • build on his strength.
  • Avoid underscores misses.
  • Show that you are happy with your students.
  • Be able to and want to demonstrate attentive attitude to each student in your class.
  • Make humor in relationships with children.
  • Know about all trying to cope with the job.
  • Be able to interact with the child.
  • Allow the learner to decide issues where possible.
  • Take the individuality of each child.
  • Demonstrate empathy and belief in students.
  • Demonstrate optimism.

Support can be accessed through:

  • separate words (“beautiful”, “gently”, “fine”, “cool”, “forward!”, “continue”);
  • utterances (“I’m proud of you”, “I like the way you work,” “I’m glad your help”, “everything is going perfectly”);
  • touching (Pat on the shoulder, touch hands, hug the child);
  • joint action, physical participation (during work and leisure);
  • facial expressions (wink, smile, nod, laughing).


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