Science Day “Gifted Generation – the Future of Kazakhstan”

Science Day “Gifted Generation – the Future of Kazakhstan”

Science Day is held with the aim of supporting gifted schoolchildren, developing functional literacy, as well as creating conditions for integrating educational areas and popularizing student research activities.

03/19/21 within the framework of the “Day of Science” at the school – lyceum, a scientific and practical conference was held, in which 52 pupils of 5-11 grades took part. The NPK participants presented their research projects covering facts, events, phenomena, models and certain unknown areas of subject areas that go beyond the scope of the program material related to human life. Disclosing the topic of their project, the participants put forward hypotheses, analyzed and gave their assessment of the object under study.

SPC sections:

MYTH: mathematics, computer science, physics, technology, engineering, economics, earth and space science

  • Natural – scientific: chemistry, biology
  • Rukhani zhagyru: history, legal subjects, local history, geography
  • Healthy lifestyle (healthy lifestyle): physical culture
  • Linguistics: Kazakh language, Kazakh literature
  • Linguistics: Russian language, Russian literature
  • Linguistics: English

Based on the results of the work of the sections, the composition of the students recommended for participation in the city stage of the Republican competition of scientific projects in general subjects of grades 8-10 and the Republican competition of research and creative projects “Zerde” of grades 5-7 was determined.

MYTH: Vecher Roman 9 grades, Nabieva Esmira 11 grades, Flotova Adel 7 grades, Ojakhverdiev A. 5 grades, Pirkh Danil 6 grades, Vikhle Elizaveta 5 grades, Kuzmenko Gleb 6 grades, Nugmanova Dana, 7 grades, Zhaukova Adele 7 cells

  • Natural – scientific: chemistry, biology Chernetskaya Elizabeth 8 class
  • Rukhani zhagyru: Omarova Daria 5 cells, Abibulaeva Aybiyke 7 cells, Prikhodko Ekaterina 10 cells, Krikalo Maria 8 cells, Yakovleva Elena 9 cells, Olga Nezhivova 9 cells.
  • HL (healthy lifestyle): Vecher Roman 9 class

Linguistics – Kazakh, Kazakh literature: Temirkhanova Alina 8th grade, Sugurova Dilnaz 11th grade, Almasov Erali 6th grade, Torabaeva Aisu 7th grade.

  • Linguistics – Russian, Russian literature: Nazarova Anastasia 9th grade, Kappasova Diyara 6th grade

• Linguistics – English: Sugurova Malika 9th grade, Esmukhanova Dana 9th grade



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