On the prospects and problems of the subject “Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship and Business”

On the prospects and problems of the subject “Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship and Business”

March 17 Director of the school lyceum No. 2 Dandybaeva G.T. took part in a dialogue platform on the basis of FAO “NTSPK” Orleu “IPK PR in Kostanay region on the topic” Financial literacy and the basics of entrepreneurship: experience, problems, solutions ”

In the form of a dialogue between practitioners, teachers teaching the subject “Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship and Business” analyzed the most pressing issues: continuing education courses, the structure of the curriculum, textbooks and the necessary resources.

In the block of the discussed problems Dandybaeva G.T. identified an urgent problem – the availability of specialists who are unable to provide a high-quality expected learning outcome due to the lack of depth of economic and financial knowledge, as required by the program.

The second problem is the teacher’s lack of entrepreneurial experience. The learning environment for this course should be a business environment rich in a special didactic training base. And this will to a greater extent allow to form the skills of the future independent activity of school graduates in market conditions.

A proposal to solve this problem is to open classrooms for students in grades 10-11 at the Atameken site.

Summing up the results, the participants of the round table asked questions of interest to them and spoke about the significance of the problems raised and the benefits of discussing them.


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