Challenge “My Favorite Book”

Challenge “My Favorite Book”

Each person has favorite books that are re-read. And, often, the heroes of the books become friends who want to imitate.

The head of the library, Tatyana Viktorovna Potapova, within the framework of the “Reading School” project, held a “My Favorite Book” challenge among students of grade 4.

Purpose: development and support of interest in reading, development of speech, imagination and thinking in the reader.

To participate in the challenge, photographs of children with their favorite book and feedback about it, a video, where the participant talks about the book they have read, were accepted.

The “My Favorite Book” challenge showed that children readily read, with pleasure talk about the books they have read so that they want to read them. Students’ work is creative and promotes the value of the book.

We bring to your attention the video “My favorite book”.


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