Festival of Professions

Festival of Professions

On January 23rd , 2019, a festival of professions among 9th form students was held at school – lyceum No. 2, it was aimed at attracting students to the choice of professions demanded in the labor market of Kostanay region, orienting students to further employment in the region according to their profession / specialty and building Careers. The following persons were invited to the event: Kostanay Pedagogical College, Kostanay Social – Technical College, Kostanay Vocational – Technical College, Kostanay Humanitarian College  and Kostanay Polytechnic College.

At the Festival, students of the school were provided with full information about the conditions of admission and training in professional organizations.
Students of the 9th forms got acquainted with the professions in demand in the region during meetings with college students, former graduates of our school.



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