Dear parents!!!

Dear parents!!!

We inform you about a unified social card – this is a project of Kazpost JSC, which is being implemented throughout the country. The social card combines the functions of payment (payment for non-cash purchases), transport (payment for travel in public transport, including at a reduced rate – pensioners, disabled people, children), access (to record visits through turnstiles for entry and exit, educational institutions) cards.

Anyone can get a social card by applying to the offices of Kazpost JSC with an identity card. The first year of use is free, from the second year, service on the product is standard 800 tenge (enrollment of salary, scholarships and other payments), pension 300 tenge (enrollment of pensions, benefits and TSA), for children for schoolchildren 500 tenge (providing a copy of the identity of one from parents, a copy of the child’s birth certificate and IIN). A card account is opened for one of the parents and the student’s card is tied to this account. The card for a student is valid in educational institutions to record visits through turnstiles for entry and exit, and students can also pay for meals in school canteens, incl. schoolchildren on benefits. The social card can be replenished free of charge at branches, ATMs, and payment terminals of Kazpost JSC, as well as transfers from cards of second-tier banks on the website. For convenience, holders of social cards in their personal account on the website can view the statement, as well as other movements on the map. You can also use a social card to pay in public transport and make non-cash purchases with 1% Cashback.

Follow the link and choose. More details about the card (there it is more detailed information about the Social card).


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