Be careful! Selfimania! Dangerous hobby!

Be careful! Selfimania! Dangerous hobby!

Recommendations of psychologists to parents who are faced with such a passion of their child.

Dear parents! There are so many moments in life that I want to capture in order to enjoy bright pictures and warm memories. Unfortunately, the art of photography, to which we are accustomed to, is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Today self-portrait is in fashion – self-portraits dazzling with social network news feeds.

Of course, in itself, the desire to get your photo does not carry a terrible feature, until it becomes an obsessive idea.

What is the nature of craving for selfies?
Complexes and uncertainty. A common reason is to prove to yourself that you are worth something. The fear of being unpopular and unrecognized leads to a desire to get the approval of others through a successful selfie.

If your child seriously considers extreme selfie as a manifestation of masculinity, individuality, enterprise, dexterity, etc., try to reduce all this pathos to humor. For example, tell us a real case: in 2011, the British naturalist photographer David Slater in the jungle of Sulawesi made a series of photos of crested baboons. The monkeys took away his camera, and clicked off the real selfie session. This case received additional publicity due to disputes over who actually owns the copyright to the pictures.


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