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Thanksgiving Day’s card

The Day of Gratitude is the day of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, which became the basis of Kazakhstan’s identity and the national patriotic idea of ​​Mangilik El, which united the people of Kazakhstan for centuries.

Today we want to congratulate all women on the upcoming spring holidays, but first of all, thank the mothers.

We congratulate Botabayeva Gulnur Askarbekovna – a mother of many children, the keeper of the hearth.

Congratulations to Rakhimzhanova Gulmira Beysembekovna – born on International Women’s Day.

And also on this wonderful day, we would like to congratulate another wonderful woman – a great teacher , Natalia Vladimirovna Bespalchuk, who prepared the winner of the Republican Olympiad for schoolchildren


Dedication to lyceum students

Today 1 “Lyceum” has a wonderful holiday – “Dedication to Lyceum Students”. 5 months ago they came to our lyceum school, not knowing its rules and laws. And now the Little Lyceum students learned the order of the school-lyceum, the rules, won the first victories, experienced the first difficulties, but did not flinch, did not ask to go home.

Lyceum is POWER!

Lyceum is a BROTHERHOOD!

Lyceum is a wise school WEALTH!


Lyceum is a FORTRESS!

Lyceum is to knowledge, skills FAITHFULNESS!

Lyceum is TOGETHER!

Lyceum is FRIENDLY!

And the most important thing is that we NEED it!


10 Tips “How Parents Can Protect Their Children From The Harmful Influence Of Social Networks”


There are many groups on social media that pose a real threat to teens.

What to do to keep children safe?

  1. The main thing is not to lose contact, even if the teenager withdraws, withdraws into himself, closes the door in front of your nose. Be persistent and patient. Try to talk about everything, bring up the most unpleasant topics. Do not use an edifying tone, teach him to live, be on an equal footing. Be blunt: “If you have a problem, let’s discuss it. I will not judge you, I will just listen and try to help. ” Look for common ground. Think about what kind of teenager you were and share your experience with your child.
  2. Emphasize its uniqueness, especially in matters of reason, intellect. In some moments, it is better to give in. Pink hair, tattoos, piercings are temporary. Adolescence will pass, and the person will definitely “return”, his values ​​will change.
  3. Tell him what happens when his peers fall under the influence of questionable social groups. There is a lot of scary information on the Internet, and it will surely overtake your child. Therefore, do not close your eyes to her, talk about it with him. Be honest that you are worried because you love him. Convince to be on the alert, not to trust strangers.
  4. Ask to show you the groups in which he is on social networks, with the following message: “My dear, have pity on me, I am very worried. Give me the opportunity to make sure that no one and nothing threatens you! ” And in no case do it secretly, the child will not forgive you for this.
  5. Social networks are an integral part of the life of modern adolescents. But the time for gadgets should still be limited. In adolescence, an hour on weekdays is quite enough; on weekends, 2 hours can be allowed. But it is better if your child is busy to the eyeballs so that there is no time left for social networks.
  6. If a child has enough adrenaline in real life, then he will not look for it on social networks. Let him go in for sports, ride a motorcycle or dive better than he will be tested on the “weak” behind your back.
  7. Try to spend leisure time together. Go, for example, to a concert of his favorite band. Support him, even if you are not particularly interested. And another time, ask to accompany you – to the theater or to an exhibition.
  8. Be aware of his life: what is happening at school, how relationships with teachers and classmates develop. You should know who his friends are, their hobbies, beliefs. Teenagers have idols, and they are not always sane personalities.
  9. It’s great if the family has any traditions, rituals. There must be something that unites everyone – dinners on Saturdays, or playing scrabble in the evenings, or making dumplings.
  10. According to statistics, only 2-3% of adolescents are worried about their parents. But mostly they are “crackers”, they do not care about the feelings of their parents. Indifference, indifference must be cultivated in them from early childhood. Because a family is when everyone takes care of each other, when children help their mother. The child must have responsibilities around the house, his own area of ​​responsibility.

If you suddenly have problems and your child needs help, our school has a psychological service, where you can always contact.

Challenge “Read with the whole family”

What could be more beautiful than getting the whole family together for reading! Mom, dad and children read wonderful stories, feel the light of parental love. It is a good tradition – reading with the whole family leaves memories for life, helps to unite the family with common emotional experiences, images, meanings. Read to your kids: nothing brings you closer than reading together!

The head of the school library – lyceum №2, Potapova Tatyana Viktorovna, offered the challenge “Reading with the whole family” for students and parents of the 3rd grade within the framework of the “Reading school” project.

A short video review is presented to your attention based on the results of the challenge. We are looking forward to your feedback and comments.

I love reading poetry!

Today, more than ever, the appeal to poetry is relevant: an introduction to it represents endless opportunities for the spiritual growth of a child. It is poetry that awakens noble feelings in the child’s soul, fosters love for the native word, respect and care for loved ones.

As part of the “Reading School” project, the school library held a distance marathon “I love to read poetry” for 2nd grade students.

Schoolchildren with great desire took part in the marathon, presented videos of reading their favorite poems by heart.

We present to your attention a small video “Poems are different”.

Information about the “Hour of Integrity” about the enlightener of the great steppe Ibrai Altynsarin

On February 24 at school – lyceum №2 from 9.00 to 11.45 in grades 1-11 there was an “Hour of Integrity” about the enlightener of the great steppe – Ibrai Altynsarin.

More than 1,500 students took part in this event. Class teachers were provided with teaching materials and a link to a video lesson:


On participation in the III (regional) stage of the Republican Olympiad in school subjects in the 2020-2021 academic year

from 22.02.2021 to 26.02.2021 the III (regional) stage of the Republican Olympiad in school subjects in the 2020-2021 academic year will take place.

The composition of the Olympic team of the city of Kostanay consists of 171 participants, 13 students of the school-lyceum No. 2.

List of participants in the regional stage of the Republican Olympiad in general education subjects of school-lyceum No. 2


NS of the participant subject grade teacher
1. Yunusova Karina mathematics 10 Zhusupova Zubaira Adilbekovna
2. Burtavenko Angelina mathematics 10 Zhusupova Zubaira Adilbekovna
3. Maistrenko Dmitiy Computer studies 11 Eshkina Daria Yurievna
4. Shefner Albert Computer studies 11 Eshkina Daria Yurievna
5. Mirzoeva Nasiba chemistry 10 Natalia Vladimirovna Bespalchuk
6. Miroshnichenko Alexandra biology 9 Beznosova Svetlana Vladimirovna
7. Tikhonova Anna biology 9 Beznosova Svetlana Vladimirovna
8. Bozoyan Lianna biology 10 Beznosova Svetlana Vladimirovna
9. Shadrin Vitaliy biology 11 Beznosova Svetlana Vladimirovna
10. Alieva Aida Kazakh 11 Seitkasymova Kuralay Seitkasymovna.
11. Nazarova Anastasiya Russian and Russian literature 9 Grigorieva Nadezhda Konstantinovna
12. Embergen Janel self-knowledge 9 Marchenko Irina Sergeevna
13. Kostenko Artemiy self-knowledge 10 Kalinina Elena Mikhailovna

We wish the participants of school-lyceum No. 2 to achieve high results at the regional stage of the Republican Olympiad!

Meeting of the family club “Relationship between an adult and a child: 5 languages ​​of love”

Today, February 20, 2021, a regular meeting of the family club took place, where they talked about an important topic, a topic that is relevant at all times: the relationship between an adult and a child.

Every child needs the love and attention of an adult. Someone loves to hug, someone adores when they give him gifts, and someone cannot live without chatting with their parents about everything in the world. Regardless of our children, we must remember that there are many ways to show our parental love.

The guest of our meeting today was – a teacher, an excellent student of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a public figure, a poetess, in whose verses real family values ​​are sung – Suslova Alexandra Ilyinichna.

The meeting of the family club was a breeze. Parents and children took part in an interesting meeting, where they listened to beautiful poems, parables, real life examples. Alexandra Ilyinichna, in her simple and understandable language, revealed such an important topic and touched everyone’s heart.

We would like to thank Alexandra Ilyinichna Suslova and the parents of our students for their participation.

The results of the II (town) stage of theRepublican Olympiad on school subjects 2020-2021

On the basis of the order of the education department No. 120 on February 4th , 2021 “On the holding of the 2nd  (town) stage of the Republican Olympiad for schoolchildren in general education in 2020-2021 (the Olympiad).

494 students from 34 educational organizations of the town took part in the Olympiad. 257 students became winners and prize-winners.

At school – lyceum number 2, the Olympic team consisted of 31 participants, of which 22 students won prizes.

According to the results of the Olympiad, the nomination “Best Olympic Team” to schools that won the largest number of prizes among schools of combined type was awarded KSU “Lyceum School No. 2 of the Department of Education of Kostanay”

Order No. 180 of February 17th  2021, State Institution “Education Department of Kostanay” of the Education Department of the Akimat of Kostanay Region.

Congratulations to the winners and awardees

“The best Olympic team” of Kostanay !!!

We express our gratitude to the teachers for the high-quality preparation of the participants for the Olympiad!


School SN of the participant Form Subject Teacher
1 SHL No. 2 Burtovenko Angelina 10 mathematics Zhusupova Zubaira Adilbekovna
2 SHL No. 2 Miroshnichenko Aleksandra 9 biology Beznosova Svetlana Vladimirovna
3 SHL No. 2 Bozoyan Lianna 10 biology Beznosova Svetlana Vladimirovna
4 SHL No. 2 Nazarova Anastasiya 9 Russian and Russian literature Grigorieva Nadezhda Konstantinovna
5 SHL No. 2 Embergen Zhanel 9 self-knowledge Marchenko Irina Sergeevna
6 SHL No. 2 Kostenko Artemiy 10 self-knowledge Kalinina Elena Mikhailovna



School SN of the participant Form Subject Teacher
7 SHL No. 2 Yunusova Karina 10 mathematics Zhusupova Zubaira Adilbekovna
8 SHL No. 2 Maystrenko Dmitry 11 computer science Eshkina Daria Yurievna
9 SHL No. 2 Shefner Albert 11 computer science Eshkina Daria Yurievna
10 SHL No. 2 Mirzoeva Nasiba 10 chemistry Bespalchuk Natalia Vladimirovna
11 SHL No. 2 Tikhonova Anna 9 biology Beznosova Svetlana Vladimirovna
12 SHL No. 2 Shadrin Vitaliy 11 biology Beznosova Svetlana Vladimirovna
13 SHL No. 2 Alieva Aida 11 Kazakh Seitkasymova Kuralay Seitkasymovna



School SN of the participant Form Subject Teacher
14 SHL No. 2 Yakunina Kseniya 9 chemistry Bespalchuk Natalia Vladimirovna
15 SHL No. 2 Dagestanova Maria 9 Kazakh Seitkasymova Kuralay Seitkasymovna
16 SHL No. 2 Abdyldaeva Aizhan 9 Kazakh Bekbulatova Rauza Fazylkhanovna
17 SHL No. 2 Sugurova Malika 9 English Bystrova Irina Olegovna
18 SHL No. 2 Glukhi Valeria 10 English Bystrova Irina Olegovna
19 SHL No. 2  Nazarov Dmitry 9 history of Kazakhstan Seitazinov Zhanat Amangeldievich
20 SHL No. 2 Akimova Sophia 9 self-knowledge Marchenko Irina Sergeevna
21 SHL No. 2 Akhmetova Aidana 10 self-knowledge Elena Mikhailovna Kalinina
22 SHL No. 2 Suslo Elena 11 self-knowledge Marchenko Irina Sergeevna


We wish you new successes in the Republican Olympiad in school subjects !!!!!


On the 5th of November at 10.00  online seminars on the topics: “Covid-19. Prevention”, “Violence against children in the school environment” were attended by class teachers of 5-11 grades. @ zozh.kst

At 11.00 in a live broadcast on the Facebook page of the director of the school – lyceum № 2 Dandybaeva G. T. a briefing on the topic: “Distance learning” was held. @ shl2kostanay
At 15.00, girls of 9-11 grades took part in the live broadcast of the Kostanay healthy lifestyle center on the topic “Prevention of early pregnancy”. @ zozh.kst