To Parents

On December 8, at 12.30, the parents ‘ meeting of the 11th grade was held.

The following questions were considered:

  1. Organization and carrying out the final attestation of pupils of the 11th grade,preparation of students for the final attestation,the procedure of the final attestation,according to the order of the MES of March 18, 2006 № 125.
  2. Career guidance work was carried out and new rules of admission of students to UNIVERSITIES of Kazakhstan-2018-2019 were explained.
  3. The results of academic performance, the quality of education of students of final grades were commented.

Be careful! Selfimania! Dangerous hobby!

Recommendations of psychologists to parents who are faced with such a passion of their child.

Dear parents! There are so many moments in life that I want to capture in order to enjoy bright pictures and warm memories. Unfortunately, the art of photography, to which we are accustomed to, is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Today self-portrait is in fashion – self-portraits dazzling with social network news feeds.

ADAPTATION of the CHILD to school: Tips for parents

The first tip: the most important thing that you need is to give your child your attention.