“Useful and secure internet”

“Useful and secure internet”

According to the Republican Information Campaign “Secure Internet” from April 4 – 8 in  a school-lyceum №2 number of events were held under the name «Useful and secure internet”

As a part of this campaign, a meeting with parents was held, where special attention was paid to strengthening parental control over children’s actions on the Internet and social networks. Topics of the safe Internet were class hours – Travel to the country “Safe Internet” for 1 – 4 grades; in grades 5-8 on the topic “My virtual friends and I”, in grades 9-11 they spent a class hour “How to protect yourself on the Internet”.

For students in grades 5-11, legal education was conducted on the prevention of cybercrime among minors and in relation to them, with the invitation of students of the Department of Law of CSU. Students are available, interesting, instructively told how not to become a victim of crime on the Internet. The school inspector spoke on the topic “Legislative measures for illegal actions in the field of information technologies”.

Students in grades 8-11 took part in the school essay contest “My rules of life on the Internet. The drawing contest “What dangers might be waiting for us on the Internet?” covered primary school students.
The flash mob “We are for secure Internet” has become the most popular event in which grades 1-11 took part.

Informing of computer science teachers in their lessons taught students about safe work on the Internet; here students also created booklets and instructions on Internet safety rules. The theme of the booklets and leaflets: “The safe work of children on the Internet. The activities carried out are useful for both children and parents, since we all use the Internet.

Creating booklets and leaflets in ICT lessons

Parent-teacher meeting

Students of Sarbaz, ChelSU conducted a legal education “Safe Internet”


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