Abay Kunanbayev-pride, honor, conscience and soul!

Abay Kunanbayev-pride, honor, conscience and soul!

On December 10th , an informational lecture was held at school dedicated to the 175th  birthday of Abay Kunanbaev. Lecturers from 11 “A”, “B”, 10 “A”, “B”, “C”, 9 “L” told students from grades 1 to 11 about the great humanist, public figure, educator, talented poet and thinker – a man , who laid the foundations of national literature, Abay Kunanbayev.
Schoolchildren got acquainted with the biography of the great enlightener, his interests, poems, social activities.


The lecturers paid special attention to the main legacy of Abay Kunanbaev – the words of edification, widely known in Kazakhstan – in the original Kara soz (Black Words). They are 45 short parables set out in poetic form. The poet wrote them already in adulthood, having lived most of his life, recognizing people and his own people. “Words of edification” – a set of the most common rules, affecting primarily morality and norms of behavior. Set out in a simple, understandable form, they spread among the simple Kazakh people, forming a higher morality, enlightening local residents. These verses by Abay Kunanbayev were translated into Russian. Today they are especially relevant.


Possessing deep knowledge and a big heart, the Kazakh poet strove for the perfection of the world and man. He pointed the way – education, morality, spiritual growth. His lyrics and philosophical treatises are distinguished by love for the people and the Kazakh culture, they embodied the wisdom of the people and the beauty of his verbal creativity.
The lecture hall ended with a small quiz.



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