For Students

Recommendations for creating an attractive and safe selfie.

Before you pick up the phone and turn on the camera, decide what you need it for: you want to create a work of art that will inspire others, want to amuse your own pride and make sure you are cute, or present the result of your work on yourself to others.

Reminder “If you get into a difficult situation”

If you get in a difficult life situation, don’t desperate; fail in a panic or depression. Try to analyze your position with maximum clarity.

Guess who created this situation, if you, then, take responsibility.

Think, with whom you could talk frankly about the position in which you hit.

Don’t stay with the pain.

Try to contact an adult whose life experiences will help to evaluate and understand the situation.

Overcome your fear of parental anger. These are your native people, they do not cause you harm.

Believe that you can fix things; everything is in your hands.

It is important to know where and what assistance will be provided.

Family, school, your teacher, psychologist, social worker, medical officer, the Deputy of a Head master on educational work, Head master.