School news

“Management education: modern approaches to improve the quality of education”

City seminar for Deputies of  head masters on educational work “Management education: modern approaches to increase the quality of education” was held on October 18th, 2018. The seminar immersed in the theory and practice of quality management education. Quality management was discussed in the context of updating the content of education. It presents the mechanisms of increasing the quality of teaching, such as substantive teaching in 4th forms, activities of student service quality, research in action, new approaches in construction of school training and more.

An event «Ана тілім менің»

On Saturday, September 29th, in the parallel of 8th forms an event was conducted “Ana of тілім менің” timed to celebration of Day of languages of people of Kazakhstan.
An event was conducted on three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.  Our president N. А. Nazarbaev spares large attention to education and science. In his project “Triuneness of languages” it is said: “Kazakhstan must be perceived in the whole world as a highly educated country the population of that uses and must use three languages.  Kazakh is an official language of our people, Russian as a language of international commonunication, English is a language of successful integration in the global economy of development of our country”.