School news

“Useful and secure internet”

According to the Republican Information Campaign “Secure Internet” from April 4 – 8 in  a school-lyceum №2 number of events were held under the name «Useful and secure internet”

As a part of this campaign, a meeting with parents was held, where special attention was paid to strengthening parental control over children’s actions on the Internet and social networks. Topics of the safe Internet were class hours – Travel to the country “Safe Internet” for 1 – 4 grades; in grades 5-8 on the topic “My virtual friends and I”, in grades 9-11 they spent a class hour “How to protect yourself on the Internet”.

School-wide exercises dedicated to World Health Day

On April 5, 2019, school-lyceum №2 held a school-wide exercise dedicated to World Health Day, under the slogan “Health for All.” Charging took place on the first big shift of 1 and 2 shifts. Schoolchildren from KPP-11 class took part in this action. In elementary school, charging took place with the participation of a team of high school athletes who conducted them in classrooms. On the middle and senior level, charging took place in the recreation of the 1st and 2nd floors and the gymnasium of the school with the participation of physical education teachers.

Summer school camp “RAINBOW”

On the basis of our school, a summer school camp “RAINBOW” opens, where students can have an interesting and useful time during the holidays. Every day is clearly planned and filled with various sporting, intellectual and cultural events. Two meals are served in the camp.

Training evacuation in case of fire took place at school – Lyceum No. 2

Every year, each school must conduct training for the evacuation of children and staff from the building in case of a fire or other emergency. This is done in order to form the sustainable skills needed to make quick and clear decisions and take actions necessary to prevent dangerous consequences.

Excursion to the bakery of Kostanay

Students of form 2 “L”  together with the form-master Zheleznyakova M.I. and parents made an excursion to the bakery of Kostanay. On the tour, children got acquainted with the process of making different types of bread, learned the subtleties of creating fragrant tasty buns. At the end of the tour everyone enjoyed the hot bread from the oven with pleasure. Excursion is really pleased. Second-graders decided that now they will be more careful with bread, since much work has been invested in it.

Festival of Professions

On January 23rd , 2019, a festival of professions among 9th form students was held at school – lyceum No. 2, it was aimed at attracting students to the choice of professions demanded in the labor market of Kostanay region, orienting students to further employment in the region according to their profession / specialty and building Careers. The following persons were invited to the event: Kostanay Pedagogical College, Kostanay Social – Technical College, Kostanay Vocational – Technical College, Kostanay Humanitarian College  and Kostanay Polytechnic College.


On January 23rd , in the framework of the republican project “Ecobolashak” at the school – lyceum No. 2, a volunteer group spoke on separate garbage collection in Kazakhstan. Pupils of 5-7 forms took part in the action. The volunteer group conducted a training seminar on the topic: “Sorting and garbage collection”. The seminar covered the waste sorting system, the problem of sorting waste and the rules for its collection. During the workshop, a volunteer group of Lyceum No. 2 was created, which would like to participate in the volunteer movement of the Ecobolashak project.

We are proud of you! Ariya Bektemirova and Vladimir Prokopchuk

 Ariya Bektemirova

Ariya is a pupil of Kostanay school – lyceum №2. She is in the 1st grade.

Ariya is an accredited model for International Kids Fashion Weeks. She has been into modelling for 3 years. She is very responsible, kind, outgoing, responsive and easy to work with and does many styles.

Ariya is also a photo model. She participates in different International and republican Beauty and Talent contests. She is a winner of the titles:

On December 8, at 12.30, the parents ‘ meeting of the 11th grade was held.

The following questions were considered:

  1. Organization and carrying out the final attestation of pupils of the 11th grade,preparation of students for the final attestation,the procedure of the final attestation,according to the order of the MES of March 18, 2006 № 125.
  2. Career guidance work was carried out and new rules of admission of students to UNIVERSITIES of Kazakhstan-2018-2019 were explained.
  3. The results of academic performance, the quality of education of students of final grades were commented.

Republican competition of research works and creative projects “Zerde” for the students of forms from 1st to 7th. City stage.

On October 20th 2018, the II (urban) phase of the Republican competition of research works and creative projects “Zerde” for the students of forms from 1st to 7th was held on base of “Physico-mathematical Lyceum of Education Division Kostanay City Akimat»

9 research projects were submitted to the contest.