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On the 5th of November at 10.00  online seminars on the topics: “Covid-19. Prevention”, “Violence against children in the school environment” were attended by class teachers of 5-11 grades. @ zozh.kst

At 11.00 in a live broadcast on the Facebook page of the director of the school – lyceum № 2 Dandybaeva G. T. a briefing on the topic: “Distance learning” was held. @ shl2kostanay
At 15.00, girls of 9-11 grades took part in the live broadcast of the Kostanay healthy lifestyle center on the topic “Prevention of early pregnancy”. @ zozh.kst

Dear guardians, the administration of the school-lyceum № 2 congratulates you on the day of the guardian!!!

Guardian’s Day is a special holiday, and today we congratulate the people who have taken on the enormous responsibility for raising children.

Such people serve as an example of kindness, participation, and spiritual generosity to our entire society.

At school-lyceum No. 2 there are 3 wards. Thanks to the guardians, children, for various reasons left without parental care, received the most important thing in their life – family, warmth, love, and care.

Dear guardians, you give children confidence in the future, instill in them diligence, focus on self-development, achieving high results and a friendly attitude towards people, which is so necessary for happiness.

We wish you good health, happiness, mutual understanding, family well-being, success in all your endeavors, optimism!

May faithful friends and reliable assistants always be with you.
The guardians received letters of thanks and flowers.

Learning to create with Gianni Rodari (to the 100th  anniversary of the birth of the writer)

A series of library and creative classes “Travel to childhood!” with the pupils of elementary school. They were organized by the head of the library T.V. Potapova. and teacher of additional education Klimchuk T.A.

The meeting with their favorite characters from the famous novel by D. Rodari “Cipollino” ended in a creative workshop, where the children fantasized, composed, created. The emphasis was on creative techniques that will help children write a research project. One of the objectives of the lesson is to teach schoolchildren about useful leisure time with their families. For this purpose, a memo was developed for organizing joint creative activities for adults and children.

According to the students, the lesson was fun and useful.

Prevention of psychoactive substances and self-destructive behavior.

Within the framework of the month of civil legal awareness and prevention of juvenile delinquency in the State Institution “School-Lyceum № 2 of the Education Department of the Akimat of Kostanay”, a meeting was held with representatives of the polyclinic № 1: Tevs Raisa Andreevna – a medical psychologist.
Saginbaeva Aigul Ramazanovna – a nurse of the anti-tobacco office. The topic of the meeting was “Prevention of psychoactive substances and suicidal behavior.” As a reminder, this is 3rd meeting with students in 2 academic months.

Information about the nationwide action “Hour of Integrity”

On October 14th, in our school, within the framework of the republican online action “Hour of Integrity”, class hours were held on the topic “Honor and Valor – Signs of a Hero”, dedicated to a Soviet officer, participant of the Great Patriotic War, Hero of the Soviet Union, Panfilov’s, participant of the battle for Moscow, Colonel Bauyrzhan Momyshuly.

1,300 students took part in this action. For grades from 1st to 10th , a video about Bauyrzhan Momyshuly and booklets with contacts of the anti-corruption service were presented.

The purpose of the event is the formation of universal human values among the younger generation, the upbringing of the principles of honesty, integrity and raising the level of culture.


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City review-competition of knowledge of Kazakh among students of non-Kazakh nationality “Til shamshyraқtary-2020” (remote).

On April 9, 2020, the city stage of the Kazakh language competition among students of non-Kazakh nationality, “Til Shamshyrakatar-2020”, was held among students in grades 4-7.

According to the results of the competition, Yusubova Amina took the 1st place, teacher  Baidildina  A.K.

Abibullaeva A. took the 2nd place, teacher Khakimzhanova Zh.A.

Kim I.  took the 2nd place, teacher Tatkenova G.Kh.

Congratulations to the winners and their leaders! We wish you success!

The regional stage of the Republican Olympiad of schoolchildren in General education subjects was held

On January 5th, 6th, 2020, the regional stage of the Republican Olympiad of schoolchildren in General education subjects was held.

The Olympiad was attended by students of grades 9 -11 of the school-Lyceum No. 2 of Kostanay – the winners of city competitions.

Thanks to their dedication, perseverance and high level of training, the students achieved excellent results.

Meeting of the family club on the topic: “Personality is born by personality. Meeting an interesting person»

On December 21st, 2019, a regular meeting of the family club was held on the topic: “Personality is born as a person. Meeting an interesting person.” Parents and students of  9″A”and 9″L”classes, class teachers “immersed” in the work of the famous Kostanay poet A.I. Suslova. Alexandra Ilyinichna spoke to the audience in the language of verse about eternal values: love for parents, harmonious relationships in the family, service to the Fatherland.

Abay Kunanbayev-pride, honor, conscience and soul!

On December 10th , an informational lecture was held at school dedicated to the 175th  birthday of Abay Kunanbaev. Lecturers from 11 “A”, “B”, 10 “A”, “B”, “C”, 9 “L” told students from grades 1 to 11 about the great humanist, public figure, educator, talented poet and thinker – a man , who laid the foundations of national literature, Abay Kunanbayev.

On November 23d, there was a meeting of the family club on the topic “Family. Child. Creation”.

Within the framework of the family club, we met the Shchadrins family: Alexander Yuryevich and Dinara Bostanovna. Parents shared their approaches to the development of the creative potential of children, instilling a desire for scientific research.