Ruhani Zhangyru

Festival of Professions

On January 23rd , 2019, a festival of professions among 9th form students was held at school – lyceum No. 2, it was aimed at attracting students to the choice of professions demanded in the labor market of Kostanay region, orienting students to further employment in the region according to their profession / specialty and building Careers. The following persons were invited to the event: Kostanay Pedagogical College, Kostanay Social – Technical College, Kostanay Vocational – Technical College, Kostanay Humanitarian College  and Kostanay Polytechnic College.

On December 8, at 12.30, the parents ‘ meeting of the 11th grade was held.

The following questions were considered:

  1. Organization and carrying out the final attestation of pupils of the 11th grade,preparation of students for the final attestation,the procedure of the final attestation,according to the order of the MES of March 18, 2006 № 125.
  2. Career guidance work was carried out and new rules of admission of students to UNIVERSITIES of Kazakhstan-2018-2019 were explained.
  3. The results of academic performance, the quality of education of students of final grades were commented.

«The teacher is an agent of change: peculiarities of educational work in the framework of the program « Rukhani Zhangyru»»

On November 2nd , 2018 at the school-lyceum №2 the Pedagogical Council on the topic : «The teacher is an agent of change: peculiarities of educational work in the framework of the program « Rukhani Zhangyru»» took place.

Goal: the search for effective methods and forms of realization of the idea «Mangilik El» and program «Rukhani Zhangyru» in the educational process.

An event «Ана тілім менің»

On Saturday, September 29th, in the parallel of 8th forms an event was conducted “Ana of тілім менің” timed to celebration of Day of languages of people of Kazakhstan.
An event was conducted on three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.  Our president N. А. Nazarbaev spares large attention to education and science. In his project “Triuneness of languages” it is said: “Kazakhstan must be perceived in the whole world as a highly educated country the population of that uses and must use three languages.  Kazakh is an official language of our people, Russian as a language of international commonunication, English is a language of successful integration in the global economy of development of our country”.